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I hope this message finds you as you enjoy some sunshine with your loved ones, or maybe even as you sit and enjoy a summer evening out by the fire. Itís the time of year that we recharge with the warm weather, and brag about the free a/c at work!

For those passionate about continued education and growth within the perioperative field, we hope to see you in Red Deer this fall (Sept.28-30th, 2022) at the ORNAA Provincial Conference. Registration is open so please join us for great education, lots of learning and just as many laughs!

As a reminder, your ORNAC membership year is based on 1 year from your renewal date, and you should receive an email notification the month before it expires. Registration fees for ORNAC members are $65 and ORNAC Associate categories range from $55-$80. To learn more about ORNAC, please visit www.ornac.ca. Please be sure to choose the correct district that you reside in so that educational monies can be used where you live.

As the President for ORNAA, I am humbled to be working for our members to push perioperative nursing forward, representing our group to CRNA and other nursing special interest groups. I am currently sitting at the ORNAC level as the Alberta Director, and am excited to be part of the National Conference Planning Committee for 2023 which will take place in Quebec City as well as virtually, depending on how you want to attend!

Please feel free to email me at or reach out to your local district representatives at any time. We are always looking for new people looking to get involved at a district level or an executive level.

Bryana Hahn, RN BN
ORNAA President

Posted: Wed, Mar 20th 2019 at 16:08:28
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